Thoughts on 10:1 plus S trim

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keep the boost no more than 8psi with a good tune and no less than 93 octane and youll be fine. I assume this is also going to be intercooled. If worse comes to worse there is octane boosters, water injection, and intercooler sprayers that help fight detonation. Good fuel and timing curve will be your main key though.
ss93cobra said:
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Scott! How the hell are ya? Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Shoot me an email: [email protected]
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If you run a good tune on a high compression motor with a blower you are just going to keep making more and more power. The key is in the tune. If it's good, it will be safe.

The gas you will have to run -- not sure. But it can definitely be done.
The cam also plays a major role when running higher compression on a boosted application. You can go custom and help it bleed some of the cylinder pressure off to help, it will rob a little power but you won't have to run $8.00/gal race gas.

10:1 with 8lbs of boost on 93 octane is touchy in the heat. What are the specs on the motor so I can run the comp through my calculator to see what you really have.
Matt, post your piston specs, deck height and all that fancy stuff so Rick can do the math. I was going to ask the same question how you know for sure you have 10:1. Another option is yanking the heads off and opening up the chambers a little.

When you get your blower on, wanna play with a n/a 347? Little friendly fun :D
10:1 compression here with 10psi of boost from an SC-Trim (produces more heat than an S-Trim at 10psi) on PUMP gas. So the answer to your question is YES, it can be done! I had a custom chip burned to reduce the timing under boost just to be safe and I still make great power. Take a look at my sig...

On the same note, LaRocca's Performance was very impressed with my torque curve even though weren't very fond of my compression.

If you decide to do it, enjoy the torque!!
Grn92LX said:
When you get your blower on, wanna play with a n/a 347? Little friendly fun :D

Sounds like a call out!!!

10:1 comp and a blower, no issue really, you'll be able to make block splitting power around 7-8psi if you have some good flowing induction and exaust. I would start saving for an intercooler. Not only would it prevent detonation, but it would help make more power. I have scene dyno test showing that higher compression motors make more power with more compression.
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lol...i'll come out to play rite now minus blower :) then again your car isn't running.

rick, i will pm you with the specs as soon as i find where the info is...


Don't worry the RNH Performance 347 that I am building for Mike will run good ;) you might need the blower :eek: