Throttle body....intake plenum


New Member
Jun 1, 2004
Fraser, MI
Well I need some help. Want to make one more upgrade before spring and the cover comes off for the final time. I am seriously thinking of buying a Throttle Body and Intake Plenum. I was wonder if everyone could let me know what brand they recommend and why, why you decided on the one you have, and what kind of performance change can I expect with this mod? Will my Roush CAI still connect to it??

Thanks for helping me out here!

P.S. - I really don't want chrome......
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Well i bought the 75mm Accufab Combo. It is polished and also the most expensive so you probably won't want that. There are other companies out there such as C&L, Dragon, BBK, etc. That make plenums and tbs that all make about the same power. Got to and check out their tech articles. I believe that there is a 2 part dyno test done on a variety of tb/plenums. My only advice would be to go 75mm in case you go FI later on.
Well if you don't want chrome. I'd suggest Dragon their stuff just looks like it makes the car fast even if it may not. Also if your going for a blacked out engine bay like alot to be lately might want to take a look at BBK.