throttle body or egr problem


Mar 1, 2008
well since i have had this car for about 2 years now i noticed that on the left side of the throttle body (looking straight at it and to the left) i have noticed it has been spraying antifreeze when well lets say putting a load on the engine till 5500 rpm (thats my shift point) otherwise normal driving is fine it doesn't spray any at all... is there any torque specs on the tb or anything i should no? anyone with a similar prob? also anyone no where i can get floor plugs for my brand spankin new floor pans?? cj's doesnt have them, year one doesnt have them, advance doesnt have them, napa doesnt have them....
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yeah im stupid, i thought today well lets try and mess with the throttle to about 4 - 5 g rpm not in gear (obv bc im standing beside it) and c wat happens, turns out its just a damn hose... thanks again canadian and btlfed appreciate the help anyway so i will r/m wat 2 do next time btw ANYONE no of a place a guy could get new rubber floor plugs for his new foxstang floor? i need em or something that will b similar