Throwout bearing = tweety bird

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transmission has to come out. mine is squeaking also, just been putting off the trans removal. Good thing the garage has ac, because 85 degree temps don't get me excited to get underneath the car!
don't underestimate yourself, swapping a TOB isn't that hard. You can probably buy the tools and have them around for the amount labor would cost (assuming you don't have em). Pick up a Haynes manual, read up on 5-spd removal, then go for it
94-302-vert said:
Can't you do the TOB with just basic hand tools, some time and a buddy?

Full set of sockets and long extensions, 12pt 12mm socket, trans fluid w/ a funnel and hose, good floor jack with a wide cup to stabilize the trans, and you are set...

I tranny jack from Harbor Freight is cheap and well worth it. As for doing the TOB it is a piece of cake. The tranny empty is pretty light (<75lbs). If your clutch is acting up now is a good time to that as well. Will only take up another 20min or so while you got the tranny on the ground.
grrrrrrr said:
My clutch is working fine. How long with the part hold up before it fails and grounds my car?

Don't know for sure. Does it only make noise when there is no pressure on the clutch pedal? Mine made noise like that for several months before I decided to just do the swap. I wanted a better clutch too. So, I went ahead and bought the FRPP King Cobra clutch kit. It comes with a TOB so I solved two problems with one purchase.