Tilt Forward Hood..

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since it would be a fiberglass it could always be removed.... besides early 70's celicas, jag, saabs and mony other vehicles have it so... LOL it is something to ponder..

The Celicas also had a tiny engine in a huge engine bay, the Jaguars entire front end tilted (including the fenders) and the SAAB's engine is mounted backwards with the business end towards the firewall and the tops of the fenders are included in the hood. Not quite an "apples to apples" comparison.
Plus that doesn't mean that those cars are convenient to work on. I personally don't even think it would look that good. The only real benefit that I see is if it is an aftermarket hood and the hinges were at the front you wouldn't have to worry about the hood flying up and killing your cowl panel and roof.
I have seen tilt front ends on V8 pintos, V8 Rangers and of course mids 50s Ford Trucks and Chevys. So maybe its not a tile hood but a front end I am looking for. Anyone done this or know any information on this or is this just going to be a "dont do it because I dont like it" thread?
I've seen it on a couple of other vehicles before, but never a mustang.

so how often do ppl really change there water pump or belts versus have something completely different than everyone else anyway?
I seen a couple of foxes with those hoods in MM&FF or 5.0 Mustang, one guy said that he was going to make it into a kit. That was a long time ago, apparently the kit never happened.:shrug: Too bad I didnt buy that issue, it didnt look bad; you wouldnt have to worry about the hood flying up, but the engine would be harder to work on though.
It would be different. You could also look at late 80's - early 90's Oldsmobiles and Buicks. Some of these had a tilt formard hood. You may be able to adapt the hinges and latches.
You would need some kind of hinges that would bolt to the inside inner fenders in the front corners that would lift the hood up as well as forward. Then you'd have to use pins in the back of the hood unless you could figure out how to put a latch back there.
wouldnt it be possable with hinges mounted in the front, instead of bolting directly to the hood, have them bolted to solid bars

then have tubes on the actual hood to match the bars, so all you have to do is slide the entire hood off if you wanna work on the engine.

something like a door hinge or something to that effect.

would just need a locking pin of some sort near the windshield end to lock in in place

plus with a fiberglass hood it should be more than light enough to lift off by yourself

kind of like this, one piece bolts to the car, the other to the hood, hood slides onto the rail, and locks down near the windshield.

ill add this cause its wierd
my '94 BMW 525i had a tilt forward hood. It basically opened to vertical and went forward quite a bit. I had to replace the thermostat, thermostat housing, belt, and a few othe things and always had a ton of room.

You could try to find a BMW at a junkyard and grab all of the brackets and rollers off of it. It would definitely be cool looking.
...is this just going to be a "dont do it because I dont like it" thread?

Apparently, it is going to become a "don't tell me anything I don't want to hear" thread. As I originally said, it would be trick, just not very practical.

Good luck with it, post pics when you're done and I'll be the first to say "good job".
Fron tilt hood.

Anyone one know where information on this conversion can be found? Is there a kit or is it all DIY??? Anyone done this? Is it worth it? Opinions on the look?


Hey I think I can answer that.My car has a front tilt hood.Check out my car at http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2971814. I Did it my self with another car hinges.If you need some help let me know.I think you have better access to the engine.It tilts forward enough to take out the radiator.I think as a mustang fanatic you ussually mess more with the throttle,Fuel pressure regulator intake and other stuff that hard to do with the regular hood right on top of you.How often do you do adjustments to your radiator?

http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2971814 if anyone need some pictures check out my ride with front tilt hood