time seems slow


Oct 14, 2004
alright guys i went to the track for the first time this saturday and ran a 14.3 at 98 mph. now it seems to me to be a very slow time. i have an e cam gt40y heads and 3.73 gears along with cold air full exhaust. and a short throw. i know a lot of this could be driver error since it was my first time but i was expecting 13's fairly easy. now it was like 45 degrees on street tires full psi and everything else normal. can you tell me if this is respectable of if maybe im missin something. i wouldnt think that it was all me but i guess it could be. anything will help thanks
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Yeah you shoul dbe running faster times then that. Last sat I was at fontana dragway in cali and I was running 14.20s @ 98mph with a 2.20 60ft time and my motor is bone stock so you should be in the 13s. I should be in the 13s too if I could get my damn launch right :nice:
You have an easily 13 second capable car. Practice, practice, practice.

What were your 60' foot times? If it was 45 degrees out the track was probably not very sticky. Did you speed shift or let up and shift and get back on the gas?

Don't feel too bad. When my convertible was stock it ran 15.4's no matter what I tried. Gears helped and little bits and pieces and practice got it down to 13.78. It weigh's about 3650 lbs with me in it. So 13.78 isn't too bad, but I've still never did a 60 foot better than 1.91.

Moral of the story work on your launch. It's cruicial.
i spun almost all the way through first, i just bought explorer intakes but im waitin ona fuel pump before i put em on. it didnt seem real stick but i had never done it before so i dont really know
I think the track temperature was a huge factor in your times. 45 degrees is pretty freakin cold. I'd just try waiting for a warmer day and see how you do. You might even want to play around with tire pressure a little, but be careful with street tires. It's also not a real good idea to get them too hot. Just spin them a little to get the dirt off but that's about all you want to do with a stock street tire. Try playin around with your launch RPM and things like that to try and limit your spinning.

And of course, Practice makes perfect...without a doubt.

Good luck bro.
I dunno, i think it's the car in this situation, 98 mph doesn't suggest the car is running all that well. If traction was the real problem that would be higher.