Tonys96Cobra - Idle Jump and Codes

Go under the dash to the clutch pedal. There are two plugs on the clutch switch. Remove the clear one and put a 5amp blade fuse in it. This jumps it out, like having the clutch pedal pressed in all the time.

This is a temp fix, but hopefully solves the 2k hanging idle.


From here, I would troubleshoot the wiring from the NGS to the ECU. It’s pin 30 and pin 46.

Rather than pull the ECU. With the car off, stick a digital multimeter into the above clear plug on each pin and check for continuity as you move the shifter from gear to nuetral.
Thanks for the quick reply!
With the trans in neutral I'm getting 0 volts, with it in gear it read 4.89 volts.

Putting a fuse in the clear connector did not change the idle characteristics at all, still idles at 2k with the clutch out.

So the problem likely in the wiring of that clear connector somewhere between the connector and the ecu?
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So with the fuse in, the car still behaves with the clutch in and out?

If so, that suggests it’s not electrical because with that plug removed and bypassed, you are essentially removing the physical clutch from the equation and electrically the ECU things the clutch is being held in. So for the car to behave the same way suggests this may be the load on the engine effecting the idle rpm
Yeah, it still is weird with the clear connector disconnected, and a fuse in it. But, the car idles fine if I disconnect the NGS down at the transmission (other than it wants to die when you come to a stop with the clutch pedal in).

Possible the switch at the clutch pedal is bad?
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Well, after pulling my hair out for the last couple days with the multi meter, test light, etc. I decided on a whim to just slap the old tps on and see what happened. Low and behold, car idles great all the time.

Thanks to all who chimed in! Now let the interior resto and engine mods begin :)
Alright, one more update. The car started doing the 2k idle thing again. Decided to look deeper into the test codes. Turns out, all the codes are on the same wiring. Figured it might ne a bad ground in the harness, so I added an additional ground to the TPS. That fixed it immediately, and all those codes have gone away. Going to be pulling the motor this winter, will also pull the ECU and check for damage there.