tooth missing from flywheel hurt anything??


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
i had someone buy a spare flywheel i had to day and came back and wanted a refund, there was 1 tooth broken off. i never noticed it. I got to wondering, will just 1 tooth missing hurt anything??
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It could cause more damage to other teeth if it repeatedly hits on the same spot where the tooth is missing, but what are the chances, You never know where it going to stop, or where th starter is going to engage, Its a Gamble.
mustangphil said:
I don't think it would. I think that at the worst it'll just skip the starter by one tooth, or who knows, if it happens to stop right at the starter, it may not catch on?:shrug:

My mom had a lincoln that knocked a few teeth of the ring gear, she used to grab a wrench from the trunk turn the crank and start it when that happened. I was like 4 years old then.
That reminds me hoe hard some women drive my Mom used to have a old Feurry (spelling) and it was an auto but she would rip around like it was a manual I remember verry clear the last time she did that cause I thought the car was rearended or something lol. I remember tyring to help my dad when I was like 8 tear the car apart and seeing a bunch of broken gears and teeth from I don't know what it was to long ago and I was 8.
It will eventually chew up the starter gear, and such and that will damage more teeth.

I have not had a Mustang stick car, but on many flywheels, I believe you can replace the ring gear if you have to. May make the cost of the whole deal too high though.