Top Loader In Fox Body Mustang

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My dad put one in a 79 Capri with a 351W. I don't know how much it cost. He did it back in the day before they made a kit. He used the stock cross member. Here is a good site for top loaders.
The cars was a blast to drive around on the street. It went 11.50's@118. It would leave the line on the bumber. Nexts time I talk to him I'll ask him more detail's.
yea, there are a few around with toploader's. In fact i think there's a purple one in pitt for sale with what i suspect is a toploader 4 that he advertise's as a muncie 4 speed :bang:
I saw a 86 capri in the junk yard by me with an injected 5.0 in it, I was looking for a t5 i looked in it and went to shift it to see how it was and only found 4 gears. popped the cover off to see the tranny and it didnt look like a t5 my guess is it was a 4 speed top loader. Are they better than a t5?
The toploader swap is the same swap as a Tremec 3550 or Tremec TKO. The toploader and Tremenc 3550 or TKO use the toploader bellhousing. It is a differnent bellhousing from a T5, but the same clutch and clutch mechanism. Before I would waste my time on a toploader, I would buy a used Tremec 3550 or TKO. Then you would have a stronger transmission with 5 speeds.