Topline Whitebox Shifter 3650??!?!


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Aug 25, 2000
Colorado Springs, CO
What a great price... Anyone using it? likes dislikes?

What else am i going to need to install it? Im thinking like sealant or something... i needed it when i put a Steeda in my old 92 GT.. Thanks yall

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Yep, you'll need RTV sealant - I used black, I believe...either black or red is recommended. Avoid blue...but it will work in a pinch.
Why would you want to go with an off brand shifter when there are several available, including the proven, budget Blue Thunder from UPR?
I have no experience with Topline's shifter, but I know Mike does his homework before releasing a product. You will need some RTV sealant, and just follow the directions.

Enjoy it, and be safe over there! :flag:
"Enjoy it, and be safe over there"

Thanks... Were doing great things for some great people...

Love to hear from someone thats got it... at that price, i know theres been some people using it. Got the whole install guide in the FAQ thread, so im good. Thanks. :flag: