TPS question

I read the TPS adjustment part of Stinger's site over and again. I also ran a search and got one really helpful thread, but I still have one more question. In the picture on Stinger's site the TPS is sitting right on top of the TB which appears easily accessible. However, on my car, the TPS is way around the back of the TB and near impossible to get to with the IAC still bolted on. How do you guys do it? The Mustang is an 88 by the way, incase that means anything. My other question is, it never specified anywhere whether or not I should have the car running while I am adjusting the voltage of the TPS. Should I? Any help I would appreciate a lot, thanks.
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Key on is all you need...running or not doesn't matter (though going WOT in neutral is a bit hard on things ;))

Remove the IAC if you need's 2 bolts...not too hard. I've been able to get on the old style and new style with a screwdriver though it's not easy.
I did infact take off the IAC to see if I could get a better reach at that TPS. I could. However, I realized once I had it off that I may need the car to run in order to do this TPS adjustment. So I just put everything back together and thought I'd ask some more questions before I went any farther. I'm glad to know that you only need the ignition on, thanks for clearing that up for me. Now, I read in the thread that I pulled up by searching that the positive wire (red) coming from the voltmeter needs to be connected to the green wire going to the TPS. The only problem I found with this is that there is no actual wire exposed, it is all covered by the green plastic wire covering. Should I be pulling this wire out of something and connecting it to the voltmeter wire? Sorry if these questions sound dumb, but I have never used a voltmete before not worked on automotive electrical systems. Now, what should I do with the black wire coming from the voltmeter? Is that the ground wire or should I be connecting it up to something? Thanks.
Black is ground...touch it to the strut bolts or engine.

Grab a paper clip and straighten one loop of it out, then slide it down beside the wire into the clip that plugs into the TPS. You will have to wiggle it around a bit before you get it to touch the TPS and get a reading from it.
Helpful trick. Thanks a lot Stinger, helped out a lot. I think I am going to try this tomorrow. Oh, here is one more question. Is it absolutely necessary that I have the motor at normal operating temperature when I do this? I would just rather do this when it's cold so continually burning myself on everything and re-burning my burns. But, if it is absolutely essential to have it at operating temperature then I really dont have choice.
Yeah, sounds good. I just have one more question. It is not directly related to the topic, but it related indirectly. With the exception of idle problems are there any other symptoms of unproperly adjusted TPS? Like, for example, would my car misfire at all ig the TPS was out of adjustment, or even faulty? I'm just wondering if adjusting this TPS is going to fix any of my other problems.
stangs4evr-roy said:
what are the other problems that you have jim?

Well, to begin with, it's James. :D (common mistake) Ummm, I have a bit of a misfire throughout my driving range. Sometimes it'll kinda jerk itself around a little when my motor is using itself to slow the car down. When I am accelerating even remotely hard then there is no problem, just a problem sometimes when I'm just crusing. I'm hoping it's my ignition timing, so I am going to get it set hopefully tonight and see if that fixes it. Other things that I am going to do are replace the 02 sensor and gut out my first and only catalytic. We'll see what that does to it.