Trans Brake & Shiftnoid. How to wire Up so they arent Trigerd together?


Feb 11, 2009
Hey there guys, this one is for those that know how Transbrake and electric Shiftnoids work.

Well i am new to Auto so i am wondering how to wire up my Trans Brake to the switch on the steering wheel from the Trans? and also how to wire up the Shiftnoid on the shifter so as the two does not activate the same time when im Staged and say RPMs are bought up say close or pass my Shift point. (or am i not to rev pass that point as to avoid a premature shift on the line / I know i am to stay within the Torque Powerband)??????????????

I know to those who know how this works this question may get me allot of remarks as to how dumb i am. Well like i said i am new to Auto Drag Racing. Please help me

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