Trike is almost ready for Spring....


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Aug 18, 2002
Vancouver, WA
Just need to install new 126 link chain and have it tuned for 116 and it will be ready. A 25 shot will be mounted for this summers racing which should push the power to 80+ rwhp on a 226 race weight trike:nice:


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Im tellin' ya C.... get a spare carb, punch the jets 300% over and run alcohol. 30% power increase :hail2: (runs nice and cool, even on the hot sand...)

:D :flag:


DD, very true. I want to see how well the trike will launch on the squeeze. I am a bit concerned that a +8 swingie is not enough to keep the front end down when the Nitrious hits. Going to Alky is pretty easy, just change carb, re-jet and I'm ready. But that could push the trike to almost 100 rwhp which is probably going to break my tranny. 2G's for a race prep tranny. If I am not very competive then I will step up to Alky.

I knew you were into the thing but that's the first i'd seen of it, very nice lookin' ride there Cory.

you gonna put some road tires on it and give it a go at PIR? ;)

oops, this is Eric, didn't see that Jon was logged on.
Tks Big "E"

Would love to run it down the 1/8 to see what it would do. It is seat of the pants faster then the Saleen from 0 to 70.

Here's a couple more.


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WOW! Ba-ling :D looks good. I don't think you will much of a sleeper at the bowl with a 10 lb nitrous bottle strapped to your back! :nice: You should race wallys turbo rail up the bowl once. That might be a good race.

:lol: :lol:

The kit is from Boondock performance, and its only a 20 oz bottle good for 5~10 squeezes if you only use it for a 2 gear pull each pass. I am hoping to launch in 3rd gear right outta the hole with my new gearing. Should only be a 4 second pass of usage up the bowl. It comes with 2 bottles but only have space to mount 1, but a quick release bracket can make the change out within 30 seconds:nice: Still want to loose 10 more lbs somewhere. I am looking at lighten the flywheel and frame:D

Wally will need more then 300 ft to catch me:D