Trouble Hitting 3rd Gear


Apr 8, 2014
When running my 2012 GT down the interstate on-ramp and accelerating quickly I have a tendency to miss 3rd and hit 5th gear. Maybe I'm trying to shift too quickly... Maybe there is a product (Barton Industries?).

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You are right. Slow is smooth... Smooth is fast. That's the mantra in competitive race gun type shooting (I've dabbled a tiny bit). I tried it again at the only place I'm legally allowed to accelerate from near zero to 80 mph and the mantra works there too. Thanks
I went with the Barton and solved that problem. Its a bit notchy when you first use it but gets better with about a week's worth of use. NVH is up a little bit in the interior space, but that was advised and to be expected. Hope this helps.