Upper Diff Bushing Install Question

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I'm getting ready to put the rear axle back in the stang and I'm installing new bushings. I got the little tool from Maximum Motorsports that makes it easier to do. I've got one side in but I feel like it should go in a little bit more. For those of you who have done this, should the shell surrounding the bushing stick out of the mounting hole an even amount on boths sides or will it stick out a bit more on one side than the other. I have it almost even but not quite and it will not go further. Can anyone shed some light on this.
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Yeah I don't think it's bottoming out on the tool quite yet, but it's so hard to turn if feels like it is. I'm thinking maybe it's just stuck and needs some more lubrication or something. Also I went to start on the other side and the little cup that the bushing is supposed to bottom out in is too big for the other side. It will not line up with the hole in the diff so the bushing will slide into it when it pops through. I'm aggravated. This should have been easy with the "wonder tool"


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May 7, 2006
mine worked well.
pics may help figure out the problem.
try a little paint around the hole on the inside of the tool cup,to see if it bottoming out.

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I Already marked the bottom of the cup and it doesn't make a mark when I slide it on. So it needs to go further but is just being difficult.


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Apr 14, 2005
Yakima, WA
Seems like this question has been coming up quite a bit lately so here's a pic.



May 31, 2008
IIRC the bushings have a slight taper to them. when they stop going in that's it. when I did mine on my '86 one side did go in farther than the other. And that was how the stock ones were also

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Well then it looks like I have one in where it should be. The other one is going to be a problem since the tool will not fit exactly over the hole of the other side. It's shaved on one side where it has to go right next to the center section, but it's not shaved enough. I'm going to have to grind it down some more so it will go where it needs to.

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Ok, so I ground the hell out of the cup part of the tool on the bench grinder and finally got it to fit where it is supposed to go. Intalled the second bushing easily and measured them according to the specs Saleen0679 posted and they are spot on. Thanks you Saleen0679.