upper/lower control arms


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Sep 28, 2001
New Bern NC
ok did a search and really didnt find what i was looking for. want to replace the stock upper and lower control arms. car is 80% street 20% track. was looking at the upr pieces since they look good and are well priced but wanted something that has grease fittings so I can lube when it starts to squeek, hate squeeks.

anyways what is a good affordable brand. dont get me wrong I dont want to cheap out and get some crappy ones that suck, but also dont want to drop a ton of money on something over priced because of the name on the side.
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I think the square is stronger. There is a pic of some guy on here with a tubular style LCA that he broke. Now...I don't know details, like E/T, 60ft time, or tires, but maybe somebody else does.

I spent like 250+ on my MEGA BITE JR LCA's.

I spent 179 on my Pro-Form (off brand) UCA's AND LCA's.

Both have been great....(different cars) I actually like cheap ones better. They have grease fittings, where the big expensive HPM Mega Bites don't. I kicked myself on that one.