Urgent! Car leaking gas from gas tank??


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Mar 31, 2005
I was filling up at the gas station and the pump stopped, so I clicked it one more time like I always do. I've never had a problem overfilling, but this didn't seem like an overfill. Gas started spilling out from the bottom of the car, not from where the nozzle goes into the filler. I looked under and there was gas dripping from where the tube goes into the actual tank. I checked the tube to see if it was loose, but it seems like it was on there tight. Should I be crapping my pants and keep from driving the car until I find out where the leak is from? I'm going to check in the morning to see if it still drips, and I'll check the gas gauge too to see if I lost much gas. If there's no more signs of leakage, would I be ok to drive, or would I just be plain stupid?
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I would not drive it, but do what you gotta' do. that filler inlet to tank grommet can go south for no reason. I just recently did one on my buddy's 98GT - it went south one day like it sounds like yours did.

it did not stop dripping till he was down under a half tank. 20 dollar grommet from the dealer.

good luck and please take fire precautions (gas near anything hot like exhaust is not good).
This is the gasket he mentioned....right at the filler to tank..
Be careful...someone recently torched their's pretty good from a gas leak....but that was in the engine compartment...none the less...use caution..
How fast was the leak? I still have a full tank this morning. Should I just replace the rubber grommet as a safety precaution anyway if it's only a $20 part?

And if I do have a vent that keeps from overfilling, where is that vent? I've never overfilled my tank so I'm not sure where it should spill from, but I've never seen overfills spill anywhere else but back out the filler.

Thank you for all of your help.
You're going to have to undo the bolts at the filler/body connection. I think theres four bolts on one side, and three on the other.

Then you will have to undo the gas tank straps and carefully lower the tank with a jack. Then you need to wiggle the filler out of the gas tank, replace the grommet, and reinstall everything. Not rocket science but will take the first timer a few hours the first time doing it. It's also a great time to change your fuel pump if you need to.
Well, I just went outside and checked. I didn't lose any fuel overnight, and when I searched up the grommet, everybody said that it leaks out if you have a full tank. I still have a faull tank this morning. I'm guessing I did just overfill it, but I'll probably replace that rubber grommet one of these days as a precaution.
More than likely you didnt over fill. Its the grommet. Its always the grommet. Get under there with a flash light and look. I bet the rubber piece has split somewhere. Mine did and would only leak if I was on an incline. Cause the leak was on the top side of the grommet. And if gas spilled out overnight its going to evaporate so your not going to see a puddle. I say you have someone drive behind you and watch if gas is coming out the back. Cause more than likely once you get moving it will leak out quicker. And I have dropping the tank down to a half hour job now that I have done so many of these. It happens to everyone with a 94-98. Good luck.
Yep, it's the grommet. I checked it again and it's covered. 22 dollar part.. d'oh!

Btw, you live in the bay area? Kind of interested to see how your mustang sounds, since I'm thinking of doing a similar exhaust. I'm in the south bay.
great info everyone. We chose to coat the new grommet in motor oil to help keep it from being damaged when reinstalling the filler pipe. Since I was helping him (two people) it went real fast (second guy was nice so we could manipulate the tank w/o hitting stuff - we dropped the tank enough to slide it toward the driver side (under his Magnaflow Catback).

I think he said he got 4 mpg on that tank of gas (he lost most of the tank over a few days).

good luck with it.
wytstang said:
Hissin I was told by Ford tech to never coat rubber gromets with motor oil they say it dries them out. Don't know how true it is but I thought I would mention it.

I always do it on my oil filters. It's the thing you are "supposed to do" when installing a oil filter. I don't know how true it is.....

Just playing devil's advocate, no real opinion here.
I just had the exact same problem on my '95 .... Stupid Local Ford Dealer wanted $1100 to "replace the entire gas tank" ... stupid. I found a local Gas Tank Renew/Rebuild shop, they took care of the problem in about 1 hour, and cost about $50 parts & labor. Good Deal in my book (sure beats $1100 .... stupid dealer)
wytstang said:
Hissin I was told by Ford tech to never coat rubber gromets with motor oil they say it dries them out. Don't know how true it is but I thought I would mention it.
Wytstang, I don't know what the 'correct' way to do it is myself (I am not smart enough to figure these things out). But I will toss out my two cents (which really proves nothing :) ).
I do know that many folks either use motor oil or Vasoline (i was not wild about the latter so I chose the former). The dealer was the one who told my buddy to use motor oil in the first place and it was what I was familiar with, so that was the route we went. And I think motor oil and gasoline share a good number of similarities in their make-up (petroleum bases, etc). So if the rubber filler can handle fuel, I wonder how oil would hurt it?

I am just tossing out what ideas came to mind as I thought about it (just woke up, no coffee yet. Grrrr) for dialog's sake here. What did you guys use on the filler grommets to lubricate them (I know you had to use something - if done dry, I dont think half of them would make it to the first fill-up)?

hmm i wonder if this is my problem too.....i just recently started getting a faint gas smell every now and then as im driving and when i open the trunk i can smell it stronger.....at first i thought it might be a clogged fuel filter but now that ive seen this thread i better go check that filler tube.
I've had this problem before DLO - thankfully yours was only the grommet - I DID have to replace the entire gas tank on my 95 - I filled it up full drove it back and it was leaking freaking everywhere - was rusted out with a few holes in different places - anyways a new gas tank was a must and def. ran me a few hundo so you're lucky. MAKE SURE it's only the grommet though!! :)