v6 with cobra size tires needs help


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Jul 25, 2001
Mauldin , SC
OK, i've got a question for you Cobra guys. I'm asking you this b/c you guys w/ 03 cobras are the only ones i know of that run mustangs with 275/40-zr17 tires from the factory. I'm running a 1994 v6.

i upgraded my sixer with 17x9 mach1 wheels from AFS. they have kumho 712's on them in the same size that you guys run. I am getting A LOT of tramlining (the tendency for the tires to follow every longitudinal rut and groove in the road) with these new tires/wheels. I understand that this is a side effect from having an ultra wide tire out front. But essentially, as far as i know our front suspensions are the same except for shocks and springs. SOOO.... do you guys have this problem? how about guys with the same brand tires i do? there has to be some of you in here with Kumho 712's.

I'm trying to figure out if this is fixable or if i have to get rid of my tires. it is so bad that i'm actually getting motion sickness on a 25 minute drive (or less sometimes)

please help big brothers.
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fiveofanatic said:
Checked the alignment settings lately? A little extra toe in can help a great deal.

i planning on a trip to the alignment shop tommorrow if i have time.

i'm shooting for -.7* camber (the closer to 0 the better right?)
the caster is unadjustable at 3.6*
and a total toe in of 3/32

do these sound right?

does anyone know what these settings are on an 03 Cobra?
Camber sounds good; -.50° to -1.0° is not too bad.

Caster sounds ok. The more the merrier, plus you want close to a half-degree more positive on the right than the left.

Toe sounds dead on, anywhere from +1/16" to +1/8" is ok.