Vac Advance Trouble


New Member
May 10, 2005
Hi I Thought I Might Be Having Some Trouble With The Mech And/ Or Vac Advance On My 84 Gt Stock Dist. I Just Put A Cam In The Car And Other Than That It Is Stock. I Am Have Trouble Finding The Sweet Spot For My Timming Setting. A Friend Of Mine Told Me To Run The Car Up To 2500 R's, Pull And Plug The Vac Advance Hose, Set The Timming At 26 Deg Btdc, Then Idle The Car Back Down To Around 800 R's And See If The Timming Comes Back To Around 10 Deg Btdc. Try Running It Like That And Leave The Vac Hose Off.

One Thing I Am Not Sure About Is If I Am At 2500 R's And Advance The Dist The R's Will Go Up. Do I Want To Be At 26 Deg Btdc At 2500 R's Or Just Start At 2500 And Were Ever The R's End Up That Doesn't Matter. Please Help
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