Valve Spring Retainer Clip Removal @!^?:*


New Member
Jan 12, 2010
i am trying to remove the stupid valve spring retainer clips but not having very good luck. i have the spring compressor (not the one that holds the valve from other side) and i did the hammer and socket thing to try and break the keys loose but not happening. any tricks out there or a way of holding the valve on other side. dont have a large enough c-clamp. the heads are off the block and out of car.
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If you have a smaller c-clamp; use the clamp to clamp the head to your work bench via one of the lower head bolt holes. Then when you use your spring compressor, it will push the valve down until it contacts the table, and when you push a little harder, it'll pop free. They are a pain it the ass...keep at it.

Good luck...
Napa auto parts SER #3271 Universal overhead valve spring compressor $52.00 Everett ,WA. I just used that one it compressed the spring good and just gave a couple of taps with a small hammer and retainer clips let go.