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May 30, 2004
The Venom-Bane 4.2 crate motor sounds impressive but for $9,400 wow. I have not met anybody that has one, just wondering if anyone out there has one, if so what is the RW HP :uzi: Does it spank V-8's For that much money would dropping a V-8 be better or build up your own 3.8 motor, there is a list of the mods I think the Ranger's crank will fit the pony and make it a 4.2 after some machine work. It won't be easy or cheap but who has done what to their engine besides intake, exhaust and the common things like that I'm talking serious engine work :mad:
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Wow that's alot of bones.

I have been looking at Classic Design Concepts crate engine. It's a Mach 1 engine for $4800 bucks. Really tempted to drop that in my 3.8. That would make a nice little sleeper.
Geez, no way I'd drop $9,xxx on a V6 crate motor, or any crate motor for that matter. Just go to either SSM and get their 4.3L crate motor for ~$6,000 I think or get a fully built 4.2 from RPM for less than that.