Very simple drag racing question?


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Mar 26, 2004
What would be the correct way to take off with an automatic trans? Nothing special as far as devices, like a line lock ect. Do you just slam the gas at the green?

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No you slam it at yellow... and hope its not too soon.

Footbrake it, one foot on brake, one on the gas up to the point where it is about to spin, release brake, depress gas to floor, go fast, win race, celebrate with champagne & hooters girls.
One foot on the brake and the other on the gas. I usually just raise the rpms a few hundred rpm above idle and then release the brake and floor the gas at the same time on the 3rd yellow light.

If you wait till you see green, your reaction time will be horrible. It will not affect your E.T. but it definitely matters if you are bracket racing or just wanting to beat the car in the next lane to the finish line.

Lots of people will rev higher on the line before takeoff. The stall of your converter will dictate how high you can rev at the line. Your timeslips will let you know what your car likes better. Your tires may tell you what they like even before you get your timeslip.

Like Paul says "Test, test, and test some more." So true.
The reason why I'm asking is because I've been interested in draging for awhile now. Not for any real speed or quick times, but just to do it.

The other thing that has me interested is I have a 66 Coupe 302 Auto primer gray and my Dad has a 65 Coupe 302 5 speed primer blue. It would be fun to race each other and see two Mustangs on the track together.
Famous last words:D
Others may feel this way to start out. But once you're bitten by the drag race bug it is hard to get rid of the fever.:nice:
Do it. You'll love it!

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Back when I went to the track in 03' I hadn't raced in a solid 15 years and I was just going to "see what it would do". Well, I'm still seeing what it will do year after year.
heres a it better to drop it in your low gear and then shift up to drive? I have an automatic too....the one foot on break with a little gas before I slam it is what i usually do. Noticed that when i use my low gear off the line I get up alot quicker but a second or two after that it doesnt get up like it would if it was just in drive...maybe a dumb question. but owell:shrug:
thats more of a "know your car" thing, say your car gets its best power at 5000rpm and in drive it shifts at 4200 if you put it low you can hold it till 5k and then put it in 2nd, you will have more power going into 2nd from 5k then 4200, but it all depends on your setup and where your powerband is at. mine got best power at about 4800 if i shifted then i would chirp the tires.