Expired Virtually Unmodified 2001 Cobra Convertible

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Nov 4, 2013
This is my first posting here so forgive me if it's not up to par.. just made this account because I figured people on here would be more likely to be interested in this car than people on craigslist or wherever else..

Anyway, I have a triple black 2001 Cobra convertible that I'm thinking of selling. I just have to be able to sell it and get another car that I'd enjoy at least as much around the same time for not too much more money since I'm kind of tight on cash right now.

This car has been a daily driver for me since I got it in 2006 with 14k as a second owner. Engine never modified, never raced, always used full synthetic on regular intervals of 5000 miles per change. Car has been driven betwen PA, FL, and TX, so much of the mileage is highway even though the mileage is relatively low.

Asking price - $11,800; let me know if that's not realistic please... It's really hard to price these cars.. KBB shows it at around $16,000-17,000 and NADA is closer to $10,000 I believe.

Location - Jacksonville, Florida

Autocheck - shows two owners, clean title, and no accident history

Mileage - 96,000 and climbing, daily driver

Interior - Generally good condition, but I'm going to fully list defects here. Keep in mind the age of the car. Back seats look nearly perfect. Front seats have some of that cracking leather appearance, more on the driver's side, but no rips or gouges in the leather. Top of steering wheel has peeled a little and that has been like that since I got it - I think there was a TSB on that. One of the clips to the handle that you grab to close the door (the one with the window buttons and lock buttons on it) cracked, so it feels a bit loose.

Exterior - Generally good contiion. Front bumper has some pits in the paint due to love bugs in Florida. Hood had a couple chips that turned into larger chunks of peeling paint, so I had the owner of a carwash try to fix it but he did a horrible job; point being you can see where it had been repaired (apparently it's known that the black paint on these cars isn't durable, I've seen that somewhere). Car looks amazing from the sides when clean and waxed. Left rear panel has some filler and is repainted because of a hit and run when I wasn't even in the car - can see mild effects on the rear bumper in that area. Convertible top is in pretty good condition except for some fraying around the driver window and the common leaking by the rear window.

Mechanically - Engine is perfect and has never given me any problems whatsoever. Some slop in the drivetrain - not sure if it's the differential or just U-joints or what. Throwout bearing is also on its way out. Clutch grabs hard with no slipping at all and has no more than 15,000-20,000 miles on it. All electronics and components work as they should.

Changes from stock - Aftermarket clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster. Viper 5901 alarm system with remote start (got that after the hit-and-run so I'd know if something happens when i'm not in it) and two way remote with up to 1-mile range. $500 DVD headunit with bluetooth for phonecalls and streaming music. Wiring for subwoofers.

Also have an HID kit but I think one of the ballasts isn't working right. I'll give that as well and you can try to troubleshoot it if you want.

If you're interested just let me know. Again, I am in Jacksonville, Florida.


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