Want 17's Can my 92' Have Them?


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Mar 13, 2001
Lung Gyland, NY
Tires are shot and im thinkin of getting 17" rims for my 92. It is still 4 lug and I dont want to bother converting. I have the Tokico Shocks/struts/springs kit on my car that lowered it somewhat (dont remember exact). If i get 17 inchers what tire size can I run w/out rubbing and modifications? Thanks
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i also have the 17x9 cobras and i run 245/45/17.they only rub when the wheel is turned to a complete lock but this could be because my rack my be missing the rack limiters.if i had to do again i would definitely go with the 255/40 front and 275/40 rears.
i have 18" cobra's, car is lowered with fms springs in front, eibach pro in rear with no problems.

im running 245/40 front, 275/40 rears. ill second the 255 front tire, i have some 255's sitting in my garage which i want to get transfered over soon. the 245 has a lip on the rim, it is slightly too small so the sidewall has to stretch to fit and it looks kind of weird.

you will rub in the front with 9" rims unless you get some sort of spacers or a limiter. you will also be limited to tire sizes in the rear unless you remove/flip your quad shocks. after that is done you can go up to a 275.
I have 17's with 255/40's out back and 235/45's up front. No problem up front, but the back I had to roll the fender lips, but I have sn95 rear rake setup tho. After I use up the rears, I plan on stepping up to 275's.