Weird Gear ratio's

For some reason it felt like I was maxing out on the tach when I went to the drag strip. In 4th gear I was around 6500 rpms at around 95mph. I installed 4.10's in my car so I know thats not why I'm maxing out. Could it be possible that I have a different tranny than the one that came stock in 95, because I should only be at 5100rpms.
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Out of all those mods in your sig I dont see a clutch. So is it possible that you are still running a stock clutch in the car? I see the centerforce flywheel but what type of clutch is it? Cause the first thing that comes to my mind when you say that you are running that much rpm is your clutch is slipping. I've been there twice and that is what it sounds like to me. I highly doubt that you have a T-5 that has the internal gear ratios that far off from stock.
It wasn't clutch slipping and I had 275 40/zr17's on the car. My tach was definitely saying around 7000 and I wasn't feeling pull anymore. On the other hand, I had those APC indiglo gauges in there and who knows how accurate those are. I'm going to pull the car on the highway and see where I top out at in 4th gear tomarrow.
Did you raise the fuel cut-off RPM? 7,000RPM is awfully high for a 5.0L. Maybe the gauges are off. Get a buddy to go with you onthe freeway and match speeds with him to see how accurate your gauges are.