Weird Shifting Issue Help


New Member
Jul 5, 2020
Hi Guys:

I have a stupid question, but I don’t know so I’m asking. I like to drive my car in track mode. The car always shifts for me. Sometimes I use the paddle shifters to raise rpm or downshift for power. My car is the ten speed auto.

I was playing with a Maserati on the highway, and I went into 6th and as soon as I hit 120 and redline, the limiter kicked in. I was able to recreate it several times. The stick was in D, not S. Triple checked. Was I in too low a gear? Why didn’t the car shift itself Like it’s supposed to do? No check engine lights, everything is fine. The fact I can recreate it, makes me pretty certain it’s user error?? Any ideas? Thanks in advance

the car has a Rousch CAI and tune and and X pipe and UPR rear suspension. Otherwise stock. I’m pretty sure I was doing something wrong here.

I literally put it in 6th gear, and punched it. It ran all the way to redline and then the limiter kicked in. It did not up shift and keep going. Then when I did this without paddle shifters it worked perfectly. Did I just confuse the computer or something?
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