well it's finnally over.....


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Aug 20, 2006
Oklahoma City
The kids officially move back with their dad tomorrow.....he came by and picked some of their stuff up today and will pick up the rest tomorrow....its a day i've been both looking forward to and dreading....the first because the kid's personalities have changed since they were having more and more visits with their dad....especially the oldest....he's been getting in trouble almost everyday at school and when he's not, he's been trying to claim somethings wrong just not to go to school...and since i have a baby on the way with my girlfriend i don't need the extra stress.....now the latter.....i have raised them for almost 3 years....they are mine....i know each and everyone of them....how they act, whats going on in each's mind, etc....so i'll be sad....for those who don't know....i have or should i say had 3 foster kids.... they are my niece (Shaelynn 5) and 2 nephews (Seth 7 and Shane 8).....i have pictures of them on my myspace page in my signature....
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i believe the way a person ends up is partly due to genetics, but a bigger factor is the environment in which they were raised.

the bottom line is that you did the right thing and helped those kids when they needed it the most. that is what life is all about.

i commend you for stepping up and doing the right thing, even though it was not easy

will you still be able to see them and keep in touch?
The oldest one may have missed the boat but you at least tried. The other two 3yrs has probably been the most stable consistant thing they remember and know at all.

Either way I doubt you made 0 impact in all 3 of those little lives, they will take a part of you with them just as you are taking a part of them. How much and what they do with it is up to them now...do not blame anything they do in the future on what you have done. A mentor/parent can only show the good and bad path and teach what one thinks is the best set of values...in the end it is that persons choice to listen or ignore and take the path they choose.
i'm ok...i just finished going through their things and packing them for them to pick up tomorrow(sunday).....i keep refering to them as my kids, then correcting myself....i just keep thinking about how they are going to be raised now....i just have to tell myself that its not up to me anymore....