what do you think about this clutch?


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May 18, 2005
Flower Mound, TX
so i started feeling a slippage in my clutch about a week ago, and thats about the same time that i noticed a leak in my non pi intake. so i ordered the pi intake kit from livernois yesterday and i went to go get the clutch looked at today... apparently the clutch is good, but there was antifreeze that got in the housing and thats what he thought was causing the slip. but the mechanic also said that the clutch was a crappy autozone replacement. so after i install the intake (and also pi cams) in a couple days, im going to get a new clutch just to be able to put new power that to the ground a little better. the mechanic kind of hinted that i should look into a zoom clutch. i havent heard much about this clutch and wasnt able to find much about it on this forum. so i just want to know what you guys think about this clutch...

heres a link... http://www.zoomclutch.com/stage_02.html
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Jun 21, 2007
College Station,TX
Abud of mine used a zoom clutch before...he said he didnt like it,I cant remember why tho.In my GT I bought a Ram clutch and I really liked it.It was HD one but pedal effort was good,wasnt real stiff.And they arnt to expensive,For my t45 tranny it was I think $209 from late model rest.Thats for the entire kit.


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Nov 3, 2007
What are the PI cams gonna cost you? Stage 2's you can get for about $600. Stage 1's cost the same. But you will need valve springs for the 2's. I don't know your money situation but as long as your in there stage 2's would be the way to go. JMO.