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Dan P.

Founding Member
Apr 26, 2002
For more than a week now I have been struggling with replacing my heater core on my 92. I have to work at night and early into the mornings due to my job and me being lazy :D But I managed to get the center consol out and the dash completely off. The core was a real bitch to get to. You are only able to get to the front two screws that hold the lid of the box down. So I had to use two very large screw drivers to pry the box opened. I have the new core in and most of the dash back in. I am just waiting till I can flush the system and get some new coolant in there. I came across a few problems along the way but thanks to you guys I was able to get through. So I would like to give a big thanks to Brantley, Brain (Bhuff), and Paul (Dr.E). :nice:


Here are some pics to help see what I did:

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