What is my complete 93 cobra engine worth?


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Mar 27, 2000
Mission Viejo, CA
So i just bought the 93 cobra with 205K miles that needs paint, seats and carpet. It already has a tremec and built rear end and sub frames, so I'm doing a 393 or 408 build for it...

I'm thinking of selling the engine complete, TB to pan. What is is worth? It has the high miles, has never been touched and just started burning the slightest amount of oil.

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That's a tuffy. Many people are after original Cobra motors, but the mileage might hurt it. It could possibly be worth more parting it out on Ebay.

But here at the yard I have sold GT 5.0L motors for roughly 400-500 with over 100K on them. I sold a pair of iron GT40 heads once for 300+ 6% sales tax.

You just need to find the right person.
someone who is trying to make a real 5.0 cobra might pay for it but there is not many people thaw will care about that i feel. I would just take the heads and intake off and part it out