What Is This In My Oil Pan


May 22, 2012
I'm changing the oil pump in my nephews 91 5.0 because of low oil pressure(I know it could be a bad bearing I'm trying this first with motor still in car). When I removed the pump and pick up I noticed chunks of black plastic wedged in the screen and all in the oil pan. At first I thought it was metal but its not magnetic and I can brake it in peices with my fingers. Anyone know wha this is?


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Based on the size relative to the box, I'd have to say bottom end. No way something top end made it through the oil drain backs in the head (PCV grommet, valve stem seals, etc.).

Oil filter, o-ring, oil pan gasket pieces?
I don't think its gasket only bbecause its a hard plastic and the peices appear to be rounded. This was just what was in the front of the pan, I pulled twice as much out of the rear of the pan. I have no clue what the hell it is. I'm hoping the pieces were clogging the screen causing low oil pressure. Ill gind out tonight when I start it lol
It's gasket. It's been brittled by the oil and heat cycles. There's no other source inside of the motor that can produce that much material without shelling out and there's no other source inside of the motor at all, that can produce anything resembling plastic.