what is wrong with my transmission?


Jul 15, 2005
well i posted about a week ago saying my 2nd gear synchros were out and now tonight I took it out for a ride and first gear is sort of making a klunking noise and whining pretty bad. I just put the rebuilt t-5 in 4 months ago and idk whats wrong with it now. I'm going to check the fluid in it since i haven't done that for awhile but i really dont have a clue what could be wrong with it. any help? thanks guys
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This is a technical question that would better be answered in the Tech section. Many tech guys rarely/never come into the Talk section and they're the ones you want answers from.

I would try to help you, but I don't know jack about tranny's. However, I would say to check the fluid first before you post in tech. Remove the top fill plug with the car sitting level ON JACK STANDS and stick your pinky or something in there and see if the fluid is level w/ that hole. If you don't have any leaks and you put the proper amount in before, then obviously it should be full - but weirder things have happened.

Good Luck