Roush What kind of Oil to use?


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Dec 8, 2007
I am changing my oil for the first time on my 04 281sc. The car has almost 3,000 miles on it. I am sure the previous owner changed it once of twice but I am not sure what kind of oil he used. So thats my question. Which brand of oil are you guys using? Full synthetic or no? I only drive the car about once a week so it mostly sits. Thanks.
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Jun 6, 2004
New Hampshire
Royal Purple 20W50. I know that is like molasses for viscosity, but these cars run so hot, you really want a thicker oil. I got this advice from Joe DaSilva's column in Modified Mustang. We run these cars only in good weather (read: warm/hot) high hp levels generates even more heat, the add supercharging into the mix!! I have had extremely good luck with Royal Purple products.