What kind of rear control arms?

Cobra Jet R

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Feb 18, 2006
Washington DC
Hi, I want to improve the handeling of my 97 Cobra and have already done the lowering springs, KYB shocks, Subframe connectors and I've heard the next thing is the upper & lower rear control arms as well as CC plates. Don't want to do the CC plates yet.
The car is a daily driver. I want to lower the rear a little more and am going with adjustable weight jacker lower arms. Steeda's are like $400. I've seen cheaper ones but will I be giving up anything by not going with Steeda's? Basically is there a diff between theirs and any others? Any recommendations. For the upper arms I've heard FMS are good and cheap @ about $80. Thanks
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MM Adjustable lower control arms, N.O.S. Upper control arms.

IMO(no disrespect) steeda is for people who have not researched long enough to understand why M.M. reigns. Heck "Joe" at the tire store knows Steeda, but has never heard of Maximum Motorsports, he was convinced Steeda was the best.