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Sep 6, 2008
I have a 88 notch 12pt cage ,thru floor subs,10gal cell,a1000 pump #10feed#8return,detroit locker 4.10's,33spline mosers/w c clip elim.TKO600, aluminum d/s,275/60's on 15x10's in rear and skinnys up front.eibach drag springs with comp shocks out back.full front suspension with tube front end and coil overs.now the boring part,stock short block worked e7's stock valves,e303 with 1.6rr,gt40 intake 70mm t/b,76mm mass ect...What should I try to work for next winter?I got all this car and no motor.
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There's nothing like a 1000+ horsepower chassis with a 240 horsepower motor. :rlaugh:

Seriously though, I'd just build a 351 with a turbo. No need to even stroke it. Hell, I'd rip out a junkyard 2 bolt 351 van block and boost it until it grenaded, and do that over and over again.

Whether or not the 4:10s will be an issue depends on how you drive the car (on the track or street), whether it hooks or not with the suspension setup, and what tires you run, not to mention the size of the turbo and the specs on the kit in general.
well i wouldnt use anything smaller then a 60mm. ( thats what comes on some of the hp kits anyway, 70mm turbo is standard with just about everyone else ). but a 351c or 351w will basicly drop right in after you get the swap pan kit from ford racing and a pair of swap headers. but depending on your intake manifold combo you may need a cowl hood.

which tko600 do you have? the standard or the hd?
probably standard TKO.its not pro shifted.I got a massive 6" cowl for 25.00 by glastek so I think I'm covered.there are Cleveland blocks with sbf bell housing patterns?Can I get a 460 with a SBF patter?or something big like that.408?from a 351...Turbo seems the most reasonable since this car has been on a total budget.
as far as i know ( someone correct me if im wrong ) but your better off staying with the c6 trans on the 460.

but if you want to go big and still keep the SBF pattern so you can keep that tko600 you could take a 351 and stroke it to a 427.