what tires and size for my stang


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Jul 16, 2003
baltimore md
i am in the process of ordering

black bullit deep dish rims 18x10 rear
black bullit rims 18X9 rear

what size tires can i put on this rims for a nice stance and what brand should i be looking at summer tires only

ps the car is lowered
2000 black gt

thxs for any help
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I've got the chrome dd bullitts too, I did 275/40 on the front, and there's still a little bit of rim sticking out, and did 315/35 on the rear.. same deal, little bit of rim lip sticking out. Sumitomo tires.
I agree with Topless for the rear(285-315), but for the front I would go with 255-265. I think 245 would be small imo. For the tires you cant go wrong with the BFGoodriches KDW2s. There a great tire for the price. I have them and love them.


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