What's It Worth?

rick heitke

New Member
Aug 3, 2013
I looked at a 66 coupe the other day and the guy asked me to give him a price I'm willing to pay. He did not seem real knowledgeable so his info is somewhat questionable but I don't think he was trying to misrepresent the car. It's a 66 coupe, pretty straight and solid. He has no keys so I was not able to look in the trunk but there was no visible rust thru. The carpet was out and the floors looked good. Underhood looked grungy but solid and all there. The car appeared to be an original 289 4bbl, 4 speed car! I stupidly forgot to copy the VIN so I will have to go back and get it. The interior is mostly gone and the car needs everything but it looks to be mostly there except the interior. So what's it worth? In Minnesota BTW
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When you go back for the VIN, bring a jug or two of water and pour it into the cowl vent to see if it comes out from behind the fenders (as it should) or if it runs into the interior under the dash, indicating a rusted cowl. Very common issue, not real difficult to fix, but VERY time and labor intensive and requires some welding skills. Try to bring someone with you just a little before sunset and have your companion shine a light under the floor of the car after dark and after cowl test to look for little pinholes in the floor. If VIN shows it to be a "C" code (289 2bbl) or better yet, an "A" code (289 4bbl), in the condition you describe and not running/startable, $2K-$4K, depending on how much you want it and cowl/floor issues. The engine code shows up as the 5th character of the VIN. If it actually happens to be a "K" code (289 Hi Performance) add$1.5K-$2K to the value and if the engine is actually correct (we'll help you with that if the VIN is "K") add another $1.5K-$2K. If the VIN shows a "T" code (6 cylinder) and it still has 4-lug bolt running gear, $1200-$1500. If "T" code but has already been swapped out to 5-lug, V8 running gear knock $500 or so off the "C" or "A" code values. These are fairly accurate values, but certainly if you can get it for less.............. If its a "K" and turns to be a real GT (exhaust through the rear valance and other telltales that we'll help with if necessary) I would jump on anything below $5K, before the current owner wakes up!:nice:
Just My $.02,