Whats Needed To Get The Ole 3v In The 600hp Club?


15 Year Member
Jun 3, 2003
brewster ny
I currently purchased a 2007 3v saleen s281 supercharged car and am contemplating doing a build. What would you guys recommend for a SOLID 600hp build? I am looking for a quick street car that will see the 1/4 mile strip about 3 times per year. Shoot :)
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Is it an Extreme? I know Extreme's have forged internals, not positive on the regular SC cars. Anyway all you'll really need is fuel and boost not that difficult.
It is not an extreme. Just a 3v with a Saleen series VI blower, 39lb injectors, 3.8 pulley. Making 6.5lbs of boost. She put down 375/369 bone stock. I know I can reach 450ish with a 3.4, bap or gt500 pumps and tune...?