Whats the biggest drop you can get out of springs

I am going to buy a 99 or 01 cobra vert in the springs. I want a serious drop out of it and im just wondering what spring shock strut combination will give me the lowest ride. Or do you think coilovers would be a better option because i was looking at the eibach pro street setup for like 1200. what do you guys think.
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Gilded Gelding
Apr 6, 2003
Eibach Sportlines give a pretty big drop. I have the isolators in on mine and it still sits low, but don't buy them because the rear springs sag over time. get the H&R Super Sport springs and if its not low enough, get the Steeda X2 Ball Joint kit up front or take out an isolator or two. If you have the money, go with some coilovers so then you can adjust the ride height to your liking


New Member
Nov 12, 2002
albany, oregon
Well you can get 2" drop from varying manufactures. the lowest spring that is still kind of handling oriented is probably the H&R supersports and that is why I bought them and is also the lowest spring Iwould run on these cars. If I wanted to go lower I would run coilovers.