Whats up with this car?

Been looking for a Cobra vert for my Dad and found this on autotrader.com.
Couple weird things about it that make me question the year and whether it's a Cobra, like it's got our tail lights, the rear bumper, the third brake light, no SVT badge, etc..

What do you guys think?
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Hard call. Tail lights don't mean much on these cars. Too easy to swap. May have been in a rear end accident. That would explain the missing SVT logo, and the tail lights. It has the right gauges. It is probably a cobra, just may have been in an accident.

Do a vin check, and you can find out for sure. Should be able to see if there were any insurance claims out for an accident too......
Looks like a Fauxbra to me. Reasons I think so is the bumper says GT and should only say Mustang. Also the gauges should have the SVT logo on them I believe. Unless it was rear ended and replaced it with a GT bumper.
I was at first going to say no because it has the wrong spoiler no svt badge on the trunk. Then I realized its a 97 so the spoiler is right, it should still have the svt badge on the back but the back bumper should not say mustang GT its either a Fobra or a rear ended cobra either way you probably want to pass.
FAQ said:
6. ALL '94 Cobra converts were Rio Red Indy Pace Car replicas.
7. ALL '95 converts were black.
8. The '94 convert tops were saddle color, and the '95 convert tops were black. No other color combinations were available!
9. '94 and '95's converts came with saddle interior.

It's NOT a 95 Cobra because the interior is black, and if it's a 97 then the tails and bumper have been changed. My guess is it's a fake.
No, those gauges are correct my friend has a 98 cobra and those are identical. Like others said it may have been rear ended and the guy was cheap or something. I would pass on that one, im sure there are others out there.
ok there is no SVT on the guages.
one easy way would be look at the motor. This is something that never gets checked is the sticker on the heads. windsor motor bla bla and problems call 1-800-COBRA-USA. That is only for the 94-95's. For most years just looking at the engine bay can tell you a lot. Read all the stickers or hell im gonna go ahead and tell ya now from whats being said im gonna say its not a cobra.
95's Don't say SVT on the gauges, the 8th vin is "D", and black IS a cobra color interrior. There's some lil things to look for also such as the cobra sticker on the booster, and the rear brackets near the rear brakes are etched with "COBRA", and of course the other 50 lil things.

Edit, I actually looked at the ad now, and 1FALP46V8VF160852 is NOT a cobra Vin :)