Where is Winter?


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Feb 9, 2003
This weather has been so warm and no snow in Southern Illinois yet. Took advantage of another nice day to clean up the pony. So here are a few pics. Included some of my new tires too.







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10 holes ftw! Not really, they've grown on me a tad since I bought the car, but I still don't like them. This winter is crazy. I haven't stopped driving my car since summer, and it doesn't look like I will be anytime soon. I wanted to get stuff done on the car this winter too. :nonono:
winter is stuck in new mexico...
we had 9" a couple weeks back and then a week later we got another 15" at my house...

sucks sooo bad.....

btw i hate snow... i used to love it... but now it's just another hurdle in the way of me driving my car.. booo
If you want some winter, come on down to Utah. :notnice: It has let up a bit lately, but a couple weeks back was hell... soo much snow, so many wrecks and so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much salt :( Thank God the Mustang isn't being driven.
I drove my '88 in the snow with Goodyear All Seasons....the snow was so deep the nose was scraping the snow in the road...you've just gotta be reeeeally gental with the gas..lol
I drive mine in the snow unless it gets so deep the nose becomes a snow plow. When it gets that deep the wife and I share the Montana to get to work and kids to school. I laugh when I see front wheel drive cars having trouble and I just keep on going with the Stang. Just have to know when to let off and which way to steer. I kinda have fun at it :D But keep in mind, we usually don't get any more than a foot of snow and usually less than that. I know a lot of you have it much worse and I understand the need to not drive the stangs.
When i have driven my old stang in the snow i struggled with it - glo how do u drive in it so easily? BTW car is beautiful as always!! Now my coupe is my weekend toy or nice weather driver. But im in jersey and NO SNOW at all. susposed to be 65 this weekend!!! middle of january!! :nonono:
North coast of Ohio here ( Sandusky/Cedar Point "America's Rockin' Roller Coast":rlaugh: ) and there's not a spit of snow. We had a half an inch about a month and a half ago. No heat in the Stang, no wet/snow traction on the tires.... makes for a hellish winter. So let's just pray the snow stays away and temp. stays about 40.:nice:

......can't.....stop........looking.......................avitar........controlling...me........... :drool:
Ive driven my 5.0 in the snow and now my DD 93 4cyl. Glo your a lucky man, I have the exact same car (93 reef blue hatch) and that thing sucks in the snow. My 5.0 is much better, merely because it has the trac loc, and the 4cyl has an open rear. Ive driven both in 12+ inches (the 5.0 was in unplowed areas also) and the only time the cars got stuck, were in our uphill driveway, or the one parking lot with 12-14 inches on it, and I thought I could make it to a spot!