Where to buy paint

don mergi

New Member
Jul 12, 2005
Va Beach
I'm going to cold air my 06 Stang pretty soon.The tube the connects my
filter is black.My 06 stang is yellow I want to paint my tube with yellow
stripes the tube is plastic Where can I find some paint that I can hand paint
those stripes. Do I need heat treated paint?

Don ( VA )
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look at a hobby store for some model paint. this should work for you if you are going to do a small amount. if you have the ability to spray, go to a paint supply store and order some screaming yellow to match the car. sherwin williams sells automotive paint, and everyone usually knows where one is. NAPA paint is the exact same paint with a different label. NAPA is usually readily available also. it is good paint, i dont care what anyone else says about it. i am a bodyman, and have worked in shops that used it. its the same quality as ppg, dupont, etc.