Where To Buy PI????


New Member
Jan 15, 2006
Where did you guys get your PI equipment. Id like to Get a Set Fully Ported pi heads, mild cams (stage 2?) and stock intake. I got quoted about 3000 large for the set up from Power Heads. U guys got some better prices??? That seems like a lot, or maybe its just me...:shrug:
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your pricing out new parts..Most P&P PI heads will cost @ $2000, then $550 cams, $200 intake, install kit,gaskets,heater tube,nipple,alt bracket etc etc...$3000 isn't a bad deal and I've seen some dyno's with guys who bought the powerheads ported swap kit with upgraded cams and they do make power.
Another place to look is Patriot if your cheap :)
Or try to find used heads/cams etc.