Where To Buy Studs For 93 Cobra Wing


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Jul 18, 2002
Big Stone Gap, VA
Bought a used Cervinis 93 Cobra wing and it didn't come with the studs for the wing. Where can I buy these?

Anyone know what size they are right off hand?
Does fastenal sell studs?
Anyone know if the ones from a GT wing will work? I don't want to take my wing off just to find out they won't work but if they will I'll just get two more when I remove my GT wing.

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btw.....be aware you have to fill three holes total, and drill a new hole for the 3rd brake light wireharness to add a Cobra spoiler to a GT hatch. I just did this last night. I wasn't too thrilled to do this. And you are supposed to drill 4 more holes for the middle part of the wing, which I am NOT doing.

After I ground the paint off, I dented the holes in with a hammer and bondoed over them. I didn't weld them up because I didn't want to start warping everything and make a huge mess. 90% of what I did will not be seen, but it will be nice and flat because I feather sanded everything and blocked it out before bondo, after bondo. I sprayed 3 coats of 2K Urethane primer and called it a night. I will block them again today and they're good.

I did NOT fill the highest and lowest hole as it appears, they are taped off. I only filled the large wire harness hole on the right (the big hole to the left is the new one)