Which Air Conditioning?

I'm getting A/C for my '67 coupe, but wanted to see who has experience with which kits. Any suggestions? I already decided I want the in-dash louvers, but I also want it to look kinda like factory A/C. How much power is this gonna drain from my engine? Why do some kits come with a fan? and how hard is it to install?
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figure about 8 hours,basically your replacing the heater box assembly,drilling some holes,mount compressor,drier,condensor,wents and ducting then take it to somebody to get serviced.The new compressors only take about 5-8 HP to run,make sure your cooling system is good.Some come with a fan because they put a load on the engine and need the extra cooling and be able to draw air through the condensor.
I put a Vintage Air "don't fit" system in my 69. ( Actually they don't make a Sure-Fit for a 69). Took me about 8 months. EVERYTHING had to be modified, the compressor bracket, the Monte Carlo bar was in the way of the compressor, couldn't use the bulkhead fitting since space was limited under the dash. Had to mount the controls in the glove box since I have a console...have a nice opening in the glove box door for access etc. Just need to evacuate and charge and it should be ready to go. Am using the OEM style center vent with "dumps" under the dash at the corners.

If I was going to do it again, I'd get a kit specific for a 69. I originally picked the Viintage after winning a $250 off coupon at Goodguys SE Nationals.
Ive heard great things about classic auto airs system. Im told the instructions arent the greatest but the kit is very very complete, fits great and works great. Im hoping to install one next winter when Ive got unlimited downtime.
Just finished installing a "Daily Driver" in my 65 coupe. I bought it from Classic Auto Air in Tampa Flordia. It wasnt to difficult. I had to modify the condenser brackets. The instructions could have been better tho. They had to send me a different compressor bracket because the first one didn't fit. I made it a little tougher because I installed a 3G one wire 130 amp alternator and an electric fan. Looks good,havent charged it w/freon yet.