which is better??

which displacement is better?

  • just get stock stroke& bore

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Jul 9, 2004
I was pondering the weak link in this motor, and i thought to my self," well if i gots to replace the rods and piston with forged ones why not look in to stroker stuff?"
DO it all at once right?? save on the install. Ive found a few companies that do this kind of thing (livernoise, can't remember the other) some have over bore engine block kits. so which would be better? over bore or stroke??:scratch:
I think livernoise block comes in aluminum and has iron sleeves, is this right? thats a honda engine trait i think, Hhhmmm, well if it makes our engine better i gues i like it:nice:
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Depends on usage, if it's a street car you just want more power from, I'd bore and stroke it. Bigger bore will unshroud the valves and give you a better rod/stroke ratio, but boring and stroking (I think 324ci) will keep your low end torque for on the street.

If it's a race engine, I'd bore it out only both to unshroud the valves and allow it to rev higher, assuming a built bottom end.