Which off the shelf cam? Help me please!!

I'm trying to decide on the best fit off the shelf cam for my new motor. It's a 347 with mildly ported gt-40 iron heads. The car will have 3.55's and 5-spd and is daily driven. Needs to remain streetable but a nice lopey idle is just fine with me. No emissions to pass. Help me please!!
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Dec 15, 2004
Seriously, with the combo you've stated...of course, I'm going off of strictly quarter mile times, a stock 85-88 HO or 93 Cobra cam. With the kind of power it'll make, the car will trap at about 5000 RPM with 3.55:1 gears, so you'll want a cam that will peak just below there (about 500-700 RPM) and a stock grind is going to spin pretty well with those heads, so it'll be close.