which one?


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Mar 23, 2006
Im currently building a 408 for my car with a solid roller, dart heads, and a victor 5.8 intake and i am looking for tuning software that i will surely need once its done. The closest place for me to get a tune is about 150 miles and after fuel and the cost of the tune i could have bought my own software already and id just rather do it myself anyway. im just wanting to get some opinions on what kind of tuning device you think would be the best for my application...i was looking at a tweecer because it is cheaper but i like that the pms comes with its own handheld deal that way i dont need a laptop. i havent really heard anything about any other companies but would love to hear some opinions on what you guys use...does one kind do more than another or is one kind more precise or what? sorry for the long post
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I'll just mention the main thing as I see it as this subject has been
hashed over and over in the past few years.

Many peeps have had good results with PMS or Tweecer :D

If you really get into self tuning, it is most likely you will want to have the
ability to gather data for various conditions and analyze it later :nice:

That is where the laptop is the obvious winner considering the options
it can give you ;)

Again ... both methods allow you to datalog ... if you desire :)

I have always had the option of datalogging :banana:
I've found it to be a ... must have ... kinda thing myself :Word:

If you want a lot of Tweecer details geared toward a Noobie and basic
info ... search this forum and the 94-95 Tech forum with my screen name.
Go back like 2 to 3 years as I was way more active back then.

There is a bit of basic Tweecer stuff on my site (see sig)

Look at the excellent site Wes (Stanger007) created which is
the Wiki site :hail2:

Good Luck!!!