Which rear brake upgrade would be better performance: Baer or Cobra


Apr 13, 2005
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Kilgore Trout said:
Both are equally a waste of money, like most brake upgrades...
Kilgore, this is where we tend to agree to disagree. i stronly believe brake upgrades are helpful. granted, maybe not always worth the money, but they do help. the larger rotor means the caliper doesnt have to grab as hard for the car to be stopped from the same distance. thus less pedal effort is required. the reason is b/c the outward edge of the rotors spin at a different speed than the inner rotor surface. same principal w/ a spinning fan blade. its easier to stop a spinning fan blade from the outside rather than to stick your hand into the inner spinning part of the blades. as the rotor gets larger in circumfrence and diameter, the outward edge is also extended outward. a caliper upgrade is also usually done with the rotors, which means a bigger contact surface, which doesnt need to be elaborated on. as far as upgrading the rears, i tend to agree with everyone else in that you wont be able to reallt tell a difference in performance. most people just upgrade the rears for looks, like im doing. my dinky stock rear look weird when paired with my 13" brembos up front. :eek:
bdcardinal said:
for performance, the cobra rears are better. the baer rears are really for show.

and yes, upgrading brakes is a good thing. the stock brakes, even the bullitt brakes suck.

Just ordered the same setup as you. Should have them Wednesday.:D Brakes are really important to me. Maybe to some, that have probably never driven a car with REAL brakes,they just dont know what they are missing. Once you have had a nice setup, its hard to go back to the stock absolute death trap brakes. My last car had an amazing setup of Brembo brakes on all 4 tires, I just cant get used to this suck sub par brake setup.

bdcardinal, how do you like your setup?
i love it. the rotors rust up really easy, but actually grab harder with the rust on them. there is a ton of dust, which is expected out of brembo brakes. i need to take a day and pull the tires off and clean the front calipers. they got covered in dust, then i drove them really hard, almost to the point of brake fade, and the dust got baked on.

when i ordered the brakes, i called up Summit and got Speed Bleeders for the fronts. it makes bleeding the brakes a TON easier.
ponysarepretty said:
But you people seem to forget, bigger brakes = MORE WEIGHT, and the worst kind of weight, not only is it UNSPRUNG, but its also ROTATIONAL weight.
more weight? what, like 2.5 lbs at each corner? 10lbs total? if everyone were so concerned about weight, no one would upgrade to 18" wheels, they would downgrade to some lightweight 16" alloys and 255s all around. i think with brakes, people are least concerned with weight. performance and looks play a greater part than weight, at least for me.:shrug:
ponysarepretty said:
But you people seem to forget, bigger brakes = MORE WEIGHT, and the worst kind of weight, not only is it UNSPRUNG, but its also ROTATIONAL weight.

So what?

The way i drive, i need bigger brakes. I fade the stock GT brakes all the time when i drive "spirited".

For the rear Brakes, the Cobra brakes are more performance orientated while Baer is strictly for show to fill up some nice 18" wheels.
Kilgore Trout said:
I have never experienced brake fade and I drive it like I stole it, always.
then maybe you dont know what brake fade is or how to feel it. not to be a jackass or anything, cuz i got mad respect for you homie, but i felt my stockers fade everyday on my way to class last year. all it took was 3 minutes of aggressive driving and heavy braking. by then end of the 2 mile stretch i was downright scared of my brakes. now i can take that same stretch all day w/ not even a fraction of the fade. the 13" setup actually brakes better when warmed up. i dont know man, maybe both our ideas of aggressive driving are different, but personally, i NEEDED better brakes up frront and my 13" Brembos, Cobra calipers, and Hawk pads delivered fo sho.
bdcardinal said:
ya, you dont drive it hard enough. i got brake fade on my stockers all teh time. ive even pushed my current setup to brake fade, basically it took 15 hard laps at Buttonwillow outbraking 04 cobras.
I guess I do not drive it hard enough to get the fade.
My brake set-up works fine with stock rotors, hawk pads, and stainless lines. I have a 5 speed so slowing down and stopping are not an issue if you downshift while braking. My driving style is pretty aggressive too. Personally I would leave the big brake kits for people with big power, people with blowers.
JOHNS01GT said:
I would leave the big brake kits for people with big power, people with blowers.

Why not? Anything that helps you stop better might save your car from damage one day.

The difference between a Cobra/Mach1/Bullitts brakes vs a Gt/V6 is pretty significant if you have ever had the chance to drive them. The rear Cobra rotors are vented so it helps with cooling and preventing fade.


GT on top, Cobra on bottom