Which side skirts and rear? (Here's some pics)


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Jan 18, 2003
I recently got my 00 cobra r style bumper and now im looking for some side skirts and rear bumper to complete the package. So, i was wondering what you thought would look the best with the front bumper. I was looking at the saleen style side skirts, but i'm not sure which rear bumper.

Here are some pics of my car:



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I'm not really looking for opinions on the front bumper right now. I just want suggestions on side skirts and a rear that would flow well with the bumper and maybe in turn make it look better to those who think the bumper doesnt go with the 94-98 body style.
I'm not a fan of the cobra r spoiler. It's too big for my taste. I found the 99-04 saleen style rear, i think im going to get that with the 94-98 saleen side skirts. What do you think?
I know it's probably not what you're looking for but I think the side exhaust would look great with that front bumper. you have a great looking car and I'd hate to see you muck it up by putting mismatching pieces on there (i.e. saleen rear wouldn't look good with say, a roush front bumper). just my .02 cents.
I know what you're saying about the mismatching pieces, but the problem is that the bumper that i have doesnt have any pieces to complete the set. So, if you notice how the bumper is more squared off by the wheel well, i want to get the saleen side skirts which would match the front a lot better than the rounded stock side skirts.
54life said:
I think like i said earlier that the saleen bumper is tight as hell man that's what I would get if I had your year....It looks pretty sick though....I haven't seen that body style with that front...A for originality bro

That's really what i was going for, I didn't want to be just another guy with a saleen kit. Don't get me wrong, the saleen kit looks great and that's why a lot of people have them, but i just wanted to stir things up a bit with this bumper. Anyway, i think you're right with that 99-04 saleen style bumper, i might order it next week or something. I found it on allbodykits.com, do you have another website that i could check out?